What is Ka-Benta?

Believing that a good referral program will help increase and broaden its customer reach, BigBenta.com developed its own referral program, called Ka-Benta. It was launched last March 29, 2017 during the company’s blogger’s event.

This loyalty program has 2 membership types:  Ka-Benta Partner is for Bloggers, media personalities, and company employees; while Ka-Benta Community is intended for the general public, which comprises of Bigbenta.com’s social communities.



1.       Commission

BigBenta would like to generously reward its members.  Rewards can be earned from all of BigBenta.com’s platforms:  Online Store, Service Boookings, and Prime.




Ka-Benta Partner

1% of all BB Products (Store, Services,  Prime)

Ka-Benta Community

0.5% of all BB Products (Store, Services, Prime)


2.       Registration

·         Ka-Benta program is only open to all registered BigBenta members. If you are not a registered BigBenta member yet, please register here.

·         Ka-Benta’s should register as members by accessing www.bigbenta.com.

·         Ka-Benta should register and submit their personal information.

·         For bloggers and media personalities, a link to their site and FB page must be submitted for the review of BB admin.

·         BB Admin will approve each Ka-Benta applicant within 24 hours.


3.       Awarding and Pay-out

·         The system will automatically generate the computation of these commissions on a per referral account basis.

·         All paid transaction from the previous month will be awarded commissions on the 15th of the following month.

·         The commission will be a monetary commission, where awards will be given in check or bank deposit, whenever the “Ka-Benta” requests for it.

·         Prime referral commission will be 1% of the total transactions, which will be credited to the “Ka-Benta” after the commission has already been paid by the developer to BigBenta.

·         BB Sales who already received a  “sales commission” cannot get another commission from the Ka-Benta Program from the same item or transaction.

·         Please take note that commission to be paid largely depends on the nature of the transaction and products or services being traded.

·         An example is Store items and Service Booking that has a one off transaction can be given several days when the transaction is completed and BigBenta has received payment from its payment gateway provider. However, for long period transaction such as condominium (around 2 to 3 years to complete) or selected house & lot (around 3 to 4 years to complete), the payments to be received will be on staggered basis and therefore the commission for this transaction will reflect this payment period.

·         Please be assured that all commissions due on all transactions credited to every Ka-Benta and Community Partners will be reflected and updated in our system near real-time and available for reviewing in your respective member dashboards.


4.       Expiry of Points

·         The commissions or points will be cumulative with no expiry date. All commissions earned will be displayed on the Ka-Benta’s dashboard.